Call Features

Residential Line Features
Anonymous Call Rejection·
Call Block·
Call Forward Always·
Call Forward Busy Line·
Call Forward Don’t Answer·
Call Forward Not Reachable·
Call Forward Selective·
Call Logs·
Call Return·
Call Waiting·
Caller ID·
Caller ID Delivery Blocking·
Do Not Disturb·
Speed Dial·
3 Way Calling·
Voicemail to Email·

Star Code Features

Anonymous Call Rejection*77*87Division Inhibitor*80
Call Bridge*15Do Not Disturb*78*79
Call Forward – Always*72*73Escalate Call to Supervisor#83
Call Forward – Busy*90*91Flash Call Hold*22
Call Forward – Don’t Answer*92*93Forced Forwarding#72*73
Call Forward – Not Reachable*94*95Group Call Park#58
Call Park*86Initiate Silent Monitoring#82
Call Park Retrieve*88Last Number Redial*66
Call Pickup*89Anywhere/Location Control*12*13
Call Retrieve | Pull Call*11Make Outgoing Call as Call Center#80
Call Return*69Make Personal Outgoing Call#81
Call Waiting*56*57Monitoring Next Call#84
Caller ID – Block Outbound (per call)*67*82Music On Hold Per-Call Deactivation*60
Caller ID Block – Outbound*68*81Night Service Manual Override#70#71
Cancel Call Waiting (per call)*70Per Call Account Code*71
Clear Voice Message Indicator*99Push To Talk*50
Direct Voicemail Transfer*55Speed Dial 100*75
Directed Call Pickup*97*Speed Dial 8*74
Directed Call Pickup with Barge-In*33Voicemail Access*98

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